The End is Near!


 As the year 3091 draws to a close, The Master unleashes his mad plan to dominate the galaxy. Great empires burn, princes fall, and death stalks the Inner Sphere as the old scores are settled and new alliances forged.

 This time of tribulation will pass. From the ashes of the old order, new states will rise and new rulers will vie for power. As one story draws to a close, a new one begins.

 The current FGC campaign will be wrapping up in early 2012, but this is not the end of the unique alternate universe created over the course of the FGC’s life. Over the next weeks, stay tuned for important announcements about the next FGC campaign – as well as the critical final battles of the 3091 campaign, which will have an important influence on future events.

 The FGC 3091 campaign can be viewed on the INTELSER Forums.

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