All hands, jump stations!

Invasion From the Stars! 

     Even as the first assault ships reach your defense perimeter, the enemy recharge station crumples under the searing power of your naval lasers. Fighter squadrons move to screen your flank as you roll away from the waves of capital missiles, and your command couch shudders as your autocannons switch into rapid-fire bracketed anti-ship mode. Just as the last assault ship breaks apart, however, a cry from the sensor station seizes your attention,

“Alert! Infrared pulse detected – enemy reinforcements, probable two heavy cruisers, emerging from hyperspace!”

It looks like things have just started to get a little hairy…

     The ability to move forces from star to star is a critical strategic resource in the FGC campaign: without the ability to instantly cross the light-years, military operations beyond a realm’s borders would be almost impossible. In the last edition of FGC, this important part of the rules was government by a daunting 2,500-word chapter of the manual. This has been pruned to 500 words in the new edition, and in the process a number of improvements have been added:

  • The complex and flawed movement point system is gone. If a ship has a hyperdrive, it can move freely.
  • The arbitrary limits on movement based on intended orders have been removed; instead, a gradually increasing penalty to formation quality discourages excessively deep strikes.
  • Lithium Fusion Battery rules have been completely remodeled to make this technology more useful during combat.
  • Reinforcement has been greatly simplified and rebalanced; at the same time, record-keeping for reinforcements has been clarified.

     As an added bonus, this preview contains an except of the Unit Improvement rules. Unit Improvements were introduced in the Flashpoint 3090 campaign as a way to customize formations within a well-defined rules framework. For the new FGC campaign, the Unit Improvements have been streamlined and more tightly integrated into the rules.

     The preview PDF can be found at this INTELSER Forum post.

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