Foundry Episode Rating Guide

The Foundry episode reviews on this page all contain a final rating based on several factors. Of 100 possible points, 64 points come from the technical characteristics of the episode. The other 36 points can be earned from four bonus categories. The episode’s score translates into one of the ranks below:




Captain (80+)

A Captain-level episode is equivalent in quality to Cryptic-produced episodes. To earn Captain rank, an episode generally needs to have no technical defects and must achieve at least two bonus objectives.


Commander (70+)

Commander-level episodes are superior quality productions that demonstrate the author’s mastery of one or more aspect of the Foundry tool. A Commander-level episode either has no technical defects and one or more bonus category, or multiple bonus categories with a small number of technical defects.


Lieutenant Commander (60+)

Lieutenant Commander episodes are successful Foundry productions, but do not rise to the level of technical mastery the higher ranks represent. Lieutenant Commander episodes generally have few defects and may or may not meet any of the bonus criteria.


Lieutenant (50+)

Lieutenant episodes need improvement to achieve their full potential. These episodes have technical defects in more than one area and often do not meet the bonus criteria.


Lieutenant, Junior Grade (40+)

Like Lieutenant episodes, Lieutenant JG episodes have multiple technical defects that prevent them from achieving their full potential.



Ensign (less than 40)

Episodes receive a rank of Ensign if they have severe technical problems that render the mission impossible to complete or if they have enough individual defects to lower the mission score below 40. As with Lieutenant episodes, these are not necessarily bad concepts, but they need significant attention from the author to achieve their full potential.